The O-shot made me and my vagin* feel young again (2024)

A few weeks ago, I agreed to let a doctor inject my vagin* and cl*tor*s with my own blood plasma and now I have a brand new vagin*. The doctor was no ordinary doctor, but Dr. Carolyn DeLucia, one of only a handful of providers in the United States who is qualified to perform the org*sm Shot, which also goes by the sweet pet name, the O-Shot. The clinic was V-SPOT Medi-Spa in New York City, founded by no other than Cindy Barshop of The Real Housewives of New York, who greeted me in the porcelain and marble lobby, wearing an embroidered caftan I’d sell my soul for.

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The O-Shot involves drawing blood from another place on your body (in my case, it was my arm) and then pulling blood-derived growth factors from that sample to insert into your vagin* and cl*tor*s. When this platelet-rich blood plasma is injected into your lady parts, the stem cells it contains multiply and help grow healthier vagin*l tissue. The potential results include everything from more powerful and frequent org*sms to increased lubrication and increased ability to have a vagin*l org*sm, aka the best night of your damn life.

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I walked into that posh office thinking I knew everything about my vagin* and walked out realizing how little I knew. Like a lot of women in their thirties, I take sex and org*sms for granted and assume they are my natural birthright. That all changed when I began researching how the vagin* ages and found myself wanting to drink anything not locked away. Judging by my research, I have 13 good years of sex left in me and if there’s a way to achieve the apex of org*sms now and learn how to extend my sex life beyond age 50, no needle in hell is going to get in my way.

Before seeing Dr. DeLucia, I signed a release form that warned some of the side effects of the O-Shot include constant vagin*l wetness, mental preoccupation with the G-Spot and O-Spot, hypersexuality and sex life alteration. Hello, pass the pen. Of course, the possible bleeding was a concern, but “a sensation of always being sexually aroused?” Again, pen please.

After being asked if I had a clear Pap test in the last year, the fun began. Dr. DeLucia applied a topical numbing cream on my cl*tor*s and inside of my vagin*, and we got to shooting the breeze about org*sms.

Before kids, all my husband would have to do is touch me for a second and my body would turn to vapor and follow him into a pit of fire, if necessary. But now, babies have happened. And do I feel sexy after spending 25 minutes putting a toddler to bed while he screams about wanting to sleep with 13 of his choo-choo’s? No, I do not.

It takes me more time to get going in bed and a lot more time to get my mind off of life. org*sms still happen and there’s no such thing as a bad one, but lately I’ve been feeling like I am cheating myself. Hence, myth buster number one concerning the O-Shot: It is not something you do for your partner; it is something you do for yourself. If your powerful org*sms just so happen to improve your sex life and marriage, fabulous — but this is about helping yourself.

Both Dr. DeLucia and Barshop explained to me that women of all ages benefit from the O-Shot, but those going through menopause or medical procedures affecting their libido, are especially surprised. One woman even called after her procedure practically in tears because she had never experienced an org*sm before the shot.

I was sold.

And, of course, I was still scared out of my mind because a very thin needle was about to be inserted into my cl*tor*s and vagin*, right on the elusive G-spot.

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About 10 minutes had passed since the numbing cream was applied and I’ve never felt happier about that entire region feeling detached from my body. When she injected the plasma into the wall of my vagin*, it felt a little uncomfortable — like a very mild sting, but it was bearable and it ended in a few seconds. I had been most concerned with how a needle would feel on the cl*tor*s, but that was 100 percent painless. I was told the effects could be felt immediately, but that it takes up to three months for the shot to reach its full effectiveness and that it would last for about one year. The entire procedure was over within five minutes and, aside from a spot of blood and slight labia swelling, I felt exactly the same.

That is, until I didn’t. A few minutes later when everything down there began to tingle, I gained a heightened awareness of my vagin* and cl*tor*s that felt like the best secret in the world. It’s not that I felt horny — the O-Shot is not Viagra — it’s that the area felt plumped up and alive, though I’m willing to chalk that up to the fact that it was still coming off of the numbing cream. Maybe my vagin* was just stoned.

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The next night, my toddler’s bedtime routine was still a headache and I had just finished playing three unsexy rounds of Sneaky Squirrel with my daughter, yet it took me a quarter of the time to attack my husband after the kids went down and half the time to reach org*sm. My body responded quicker to every touch and mental stimulus, leaving no room for me to mind f*ck myself and start thinking about the kids or the work I still had to do. My husband’s response was that it always feels amazing, but that this time it felt different because I was responding in a new way.

There have been other little perks I’ve noticed since the org*sm Shot. The sudden excitement down there after watching a scene in Orange Is the New Black that I don’t think was meant to be titillating, but try telling that to my new vagin*. And the time I pulled on a pair of satin panties and had to stop for a few seconds to regain my composure, because I had a train to catch. New vagin* doesn’t care if I have kids and a busy life — it refuses to be an afterthought. Trust me, I’m as skeptical as they come, but there’s only so much pleasure a placebo effect can give someone.

The O-Shot costs around $1,500, which isn’t chump change (full disclosure: my treatment was comped), but is worth it (I’d pay to do it again in a year), if you’ve been struggling to achieve org*sm or to even be lubricated enough to enjoy sex. Men have myriad options when it comes to restoring or enhancing their sexuality — isn’t it time more solutions are offered to women? We really don’t have to settle for less pleasure after a certain age.

If you are considering the org*sm Shot, it’s crucial that you visit a certified provider.

The O-shot made me and my vagin* feel young again (2024)


What are the results of the O Shot? ›

Patients Have Reported a Range of Positive Effects from the Shots Including: Increased sensation. Greater arousal from cl*toral stimulation. The ability to have an org*sm from penetrative sex when previously unable.

What is the recovery time for the O Shot? ›

O-Shot® Recovery Time

However, there is no downtime after O-Shot® treatment. Women may resume normal activities, including sex, that same day.

Does the O Shot help lichen sclerosus? ›

Studies of women who had O-Shots to treat lichen sclerosus showed that the PRP injection led to improvements. More than 60% of women in one study saw great improvement in their quality of life after the O-Shot, and almost one in four women from another study saw their lesions disappear completely.

Does o shot make you tighter? ›

Also, the O-Shot can be done at the same time of the Femilift treatment, causing a synergistic effect. This means that when a patient gets the Femilift and adds the O-Shot, she gets the benefits of vagin*l tightening, more stimulation, and better org*sms than if she did only one or the other.

Does o shot change appearance? ›

Other potential benefits of the O-Shot include increased vagin*l lubrication, improved vagin*l tone and elasticity, and relief from vagin*l dryness and discomfort. It can also help improve the appearance of the vagin*l area, as the PRP can stimulate the growth of new tissue and collagen growth.

Does the O-Shot increase lubrication? ›

After receiving the shot treatment, many patients report stronger org*sms, increased natural lubrication, enhanced arousal, and reduced urinary incontinence.

How I cured my vulvar lichen sclerosus? ›

Your symptoms can be relieved by the use of steroid creams or ointments. It is usual to treat symptomatic skin with quite strong steroids regularly for two to three months. You can then keep things under control with only occasional applications.

What stops lichen sclerosus? ›

While there is no cure for lichen sclerosus, various treatments are available: Topical Steroids: Prescription topical steroid ointments that are applied to the affected skin can reduce inflammation and itching. These are usually the first treatment option for lichen sclerosus.

When does the O-shot start working? ›

For some patients, the beneficial results of the O-Shot can be immediate. However, it's more likely that you will begin to experience the first benefits within 3 – 7 days, including heightened sexual arousal and more satisfying sexual sensations.

What are an O-shot's side effects? ›

What Are the Potential Side Effects of the O-Shot®? Since PRP is extracted from your own blood, there are few and only minor potential side effects. These include minor bleeding or bruising, swelling, and very rarely infection.

What are the benefits of the O-shot? ›

The O-Shot can help with blood flow, collagen production, and neovascularization—a process that promotes the formation of new blood vessels. After treatment, women will notice the change in sensation and ease of reaching org*sm. These can potentially improve sexual function and enhance overall sex drive.

How many O shots do you need? ›

“O-Shot requires a series of treatments first, typically monthly for three treatments,” Dr. Emer says. After the initial three sessions, the patient can come in every three to six months to “maintain results and prevent the symptoms of aging in this area,” he adds.

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