Power Ranking Sorority Bid Day 2023 Themes (2024)

Another Bid Day has come and gone, and with it comes an Instagram feed filled with festivities from the day.

Whether you rushed or observed from social media, we can all agree that the best parts of recruitment are the various Bid Day themes. Typically featuring matching t-shirts, a catchy slogan, and a decked-out venue, Bid Day is big deal for many college-aged girls.

So, without further ado, here is Onward State’s official ranking of the Bid Day 2023 themes.

17. Delta Zeta — “There’s Snow Place Like DZ”

Delta Zeta welcomed home its newest members with a snow-themed Bid Day…allegedly. One could argue that the blue and white color scheme and a handful of sisters wearing earmuffs imply the existence of a wintry theme, however, that’s just about where the icy motif ends.

The parody Ralph Lauren Polo Bear on the DZisters shirts feels out of place and perhaps better suited for Sigma Kappa’s theme. Sorry to be so cold, DZ.

16. Kappa Delta — “We Hit A Home Run With PC ’23”

There is a serious lack of baseball bats here. Kappa Delta’s baseball-themed Bid Day is similar to Delta Zeta’s in that the only hint of a theme comes from the poster on the wall. A swing and a miss, you could say.

15. Sigma Sigma Sigma — “Hit The Jackpot With PC ’23”

At first glance, one would assume Sigma Sigma Sigma’s theme is playing cards rather than hitting the jackpot. Nonetheless, the cards attached to sisters’ outfits show dedication.

14. Kappa Kappa Gamma — “Masters Tournament”

We’re going to trust that Kappa Kappa Gamma’s theme is golf-related. Aside from t-shirts, the theme is lacking. Despite this, we sense great potential here. Take a mulligan, KKG.

13. Alpha Delta Pi — “Dreaming Of ADPi”


Honestly, Alpha Delta Pi’s theme is adorable. The pastels, clouds, and painted banner tie the ~dreamy~ theme together, proving that it’s not the idea that matters, but it’s the execution.

12. Kappa Alpha Theta — “KAOchella”

Why fly all the way to California when you can just go to KAOchella? The sisters of Kappa Alpha Theta brought golden rays all the way to Happy Valley with their theme, serving pink and orange sunset dreams. The backstage passes are a nice touch.

That being said, may we raise you either a 70’s disco or Hannah Montana theme for next year?

11. Phi Sigma Sigma — “Orange You Glad You Went Phi Sig?”

While Phi Sigma Sigma’s Vitamin C-filled theme is wonderfully punny, it is unfortunately giving traffic cone chic.

It’s also a bit disappointing. Being the only sorority at Penn State with a house comes with great responsibility, and delivering an elite Bid Day theme is one of them. However, we’ll give credit where credit is due. The vision is there and the sisters understood it.

10. Delta Gamma — “Delta Gamma Tennis Club”


Kappa Kappa Gamma walked so that Delta Gamma could run.

Visors? Check. Tennis skirts? Check. Tennis rackets? Check. A super cute green and white color palette? Check. Delta Gamma ~served~ up perhaps the best sports-related theme thus far. Game, set, match.

9. Delta Phi Epsilon — “Happy Bid Day”

Bid Day, birthday, same difference.

Delta Phi Epsilon’s birthday-themed Bid Day was clever and utterly cute. We hope you’ll have your cake and eat it, too.

8. Alpha Xi Delta — “XOXI”

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, Alpha Delta Xi’s “XOXI” theme is timely choice. Even if you don’t have a bae this year, at least you’ll have your sisters.

7. Sigma Delta Tau — “Built Sig Delt Proud”

Now, this is what we’re talking about.

Ford-themed Bid Day? Are you serious? Our inner truck-obsessed eight-year-old boy is screaming. Mixed with trucker hats and top-notch slogans such as “Built to LaSDT” and “Built Sig Delt Proud,” Sigma Delta Tau’s theme is one for the books.

6. Sigma Kappa — “We Could Bearly Wait”

Sigma Kappa’s giant teddy bears are carrying it all the way to No. 6. Cute t-shirts, adorable teddy bears, and an elite hand signal— why wouldn’t you want to rush SK?

Sisters of Sigma Kappa, if you’re reading this, please email the link to purchase one of these bad boys to [emailprotected].

5. Pi Beta Phi — “Rounding Up Angels”


Saddle up!

Pi Beta Phi certainly knows that the fastest way to a college girl’s heart is a cowgirl hat. Equipped with sequin skirts, a wide variety of cowgirl hats, and the cowboy emoji, Pi Phi’s theme was fun and dare we say a classic.

4. Zeta Tau Alpha — “ZLAM Dunk”

With Penn State men’s basketball starting to receive national attention, Zeta Tau Alpha’s theme couldn’t have been more fitting. Equipped with teal and white jerseys and inflatable basketballs, the sisters of ZTA are key to Penn State making it to March Madness. Put them in, Shrews!

3. Alpha Omicron Pi — “New Bids On The Block”


While most of us were not around for the 80s, we can’t help but feel a little nostalgic.

Alpha Omicron Pi’s “New Bids on the Block” theme is a blast from the past, decked out with enough neon and boomboxes to make our parents reminisce on the golden days.

2. Alpha Phi — “The Future Is Phi”

The future? It’s Phi-male.

Alpha Phi’s futuristic theme was out of this world. Just kidding! It was at Pman. Nonetheless, the bedazzled shirts, chrome everything, and fun sunglasses proved to be a certified ~slay~ if we may say so ourselves.

Give the sister who glued the mirror squares onto the letters a raise.

1. Gamma Phi Beta — “GPhi Is In Our Genes”

Who doesn’t love a Canadian tuxedo?

Gamma Phi Beta welcomed home its newest members Britney-and-Justin style and the Levi’s inspired shirts are almost as iconic as the 2001 American Music Awards moment itself. The patchwork denim letters and the jean-ious pun truly sets this theme apart.

Power Ranking Sorority Bid Day 2023 Themes (2024)
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