Packing List for Summertime in Jackson Hole (2024)

The often-unpredictable weather in the Northern Rocky Mountains can sometimes offer up all four seasons in a day! Though Jackson Hole’s summer climate can be challenging to the uninitiated, a little know-how and the right gear will go a long way toward keeping you toasty and safe during your adventures here. With that in mind, we've assembled some summer packing advice that will keep you warm, well equipped and confident.


Given Jackson Hole's high-altitude and dry climate, temperature swings can be 40 to 50 degrees from early morning to the heat of the day so you need to dress in layers. Layering is the name of the game here, and it starts from the inside out. We have included some call-outs to Jackson Hole's homegrown brand, Stio.

1. Base layer: Instead of cotton, you will want to pack moisture-wicking T-shirts and long-sleeve shirts made of synthetic materials like Polypro and Capilene, especially for hiking and other athletic pursuits. Cotton shirts are fine for sightseeing and such. We like Stio's Divide Tech Tee (men's and women's).

2. Insulation layer: Bring a fleece jacket or vest that's packable enough to keep in your knapsack on long hikes. Because fleece continues to insulate while wet, the material is brilliant for use in rugged conditions and for our chilly mornings and late evenings. See Stio's Pinion Down Vest (men's and women's) or Alpha Alpine Pullover (men's and women's).

3. Wind/rain shell: Afternoon thunderstorms are not an anomaly in Jackson Hole; they are a certainty. Bring an outer shell for blocking the elements (they also come in handy on whitewater or scenic float trips on the Snake River). See Stio's Second Light Jacket (men's and Women's).

4. Pants: Lightweight, zip-off hiking pants (that turn into shorts) are perfect for day use in and around Jackson Hole. A pair of blue jeans and khakis is also packing “do.” See Stio's Coburn Pant (men's and women's).

5. Waterproof shorts: Good for rafting, hiking and swimming in area lakes. We recommend Stio's Coburn Shorts (men's and women's).

6. Water shoes: A pair of waterproof sandals such Tevas, Chacos or Keens are perfect for watersports and light hiking around area lakes. We like Chaco's Outcross Evo 2 water and hiking shoe.

7. Trail/hiking shoes: Grand Teton National Park is a hiking park. Unless you are doing some bigger hikes, you can get by with your tennis/running shoes; trail shoes are better. If you are going for it, geta sturdy pair of hiking boots made from a breathable but waterproof fabric (like Gore-Tex) so that your feet stay dry and cool.

8. Socks: High-quality socks are critically important for a day in the Tetons. Look for performance socks such as Smartwool that wick water off your feet and are anti-microbial. They will keep your feet dry in your boots and pad your skin against possible blisters.

9. Web Belt: A sturdy belt is useful for holding your bear mace and pants up when in the whitewater! See your choices at JD High Country Outfitters on Town Square.

10. Hat:Keep the elements off your noggin and the sun out of your eyes.

11. Sunglasses: A must at altitude. Get some for the little ones too.

Traveler Tip: Jackson Hole is a pretty casual place to be and even five-star dining can be done in sandals. Nevertheless, if you plan to partake in one of the area's many cultural offerings, a nice sundress or tucked-in shirt can be nice, too. Just note that if you arrive in full rodeo regalia, locals will immediately sniff you out as a non-local.

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1. Small backpack: Bring one that’s spacious and sturdy enough to carry rain gear, flashlights, extra sunscreen, etc., without causing discomfort to your shoulders. We recommend Stio's Basin XT orCamelbak Arete

2. Flashlight and/or headlamp: Buy a durable, LED flashlight or a headlamp for easy, hands free use. Even if you're not camping, it's never a bad idea to keep a flashlight handy in case the sun sets on your hiking trip.

3. Hydration: Dehydration is the No. 1 cause of medical emergencies in Grand Teton National Park, yet is one of the easiest to avoid. A good rule of thumb is that for every 4 to 5 miles you add to your hike, you need to replenish with an extra liter of water. Nalgene water bottles or a Camelbak (hydration bladder) will do the trick.

4. Binoculars or spotting scope: There is so much to see here and sometimes your eyes will need a little help. Binoculars are ideal for wildlife spotting in, on and around the mountain peaks and sage flats. We recommend: Vortix Optics

5. First aid kit: From Band-Aids, to aspirin, to moleskin patches for blisters and hand sanitizer, a tiny first aid kit can do serious good when it comes to safety during your active Teton adventures.

6. Insect Repellent. Try the new Thermacell that clears them out in a 15' x 15 zone. Great to have at the campsite or when you stop for lunch on the trail.

Traveler Tip: While not a must, a Swiss Army pocketknife or a Leatherman (Skeletool is our favorite model) are proven to be very useful not only when camping, but also on hikes.

Personal Items

  • Sunscreen: BYO sunscreen or, better still, wait until you arrive and buy a tube of Jackson Hole’s own Trilipiderm broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen.
  • Body lotion: The high altitude in Jackson Hole is “famous” for drying out skin. Trilipiderm’s moisture retention creams and ultra-hydrating oil were formulated in Jackson Hole to help stave off dry, parched skin.
  • Lip Balm:You'll want to keep those lips coated.
  • Bandana (cotton): Toss one of these into your backpack while hiking to clean off your sunglasses, the screen of your smartphone, or camera lens (cotton won’t leave scratches). It also comes in handy to wipe away any sweat and—in case of any emergency—makes a good addition to your first aid kit. A bandana can be worn to protect your noggin’ from the hot sun, too!

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What To Buy/Rent Once in Jackson Hole

Bear mace: Jackson Hole and its environs are squarely located in bear country (see “Staying Safe in Bear Country”) thus carrying bear spray while hiking and camping is a must. You cannot fly with bear mace, but you can buy it from the Jackson Hole's premier outdoor retailer conveniently located on Town square JD High Country Outfitters—who additionally carries every outdoor item you could imagine. Or rent a canister of bear spray from Teton Backcountry Rentals.

Locally-made snacks, such as Tram Bars or Bovine+Swine sausages from Bin 22 and Bodega, are good for an energy boost during hikes, adventures on the lakes in Grand Teton National Park or trips down the Snake River.

Mountain clothing: Consider waiting to purchase your outdoor apparel from Stio of Jackson Hole located just off Town Square and in Teton Village. Clothing at Stio not only provides you with the necessities for vacationing here, but also a useful, wearable “souvenir.”

Give'r Gloves:Backcountry magazine’s Best Gloves of 2018, these are the world’s most comfortable, versatile and durable waterproof, all-leather, insulated gloves; customizable with hand-branded initials. Made for fun in the mountains. Give’r in us all.

Baby gear: Car seats, child carriers, portable cribs, strollers and many more items are available to rent from Jackson Hole Baby Gear ( and Babies On the Go (

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Weather Check

As mentioned, the summer weather in Jackson Hole isn’t as predictable as yours back home. The only trusted source is from our local weatherman, Jim Woodmencey at

Local Specials

Step into a simpler, quieter time. Trail Creek Ranch
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500 varieties of candy! Yippy I-O Candy

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JD High Country Outfitters



From the river to the mountains, and every trail in between, JD High Country Outfitters has proudly been the one-stop-shop for gear and guidance for any outdoor adventure in Jackson Hole since 1972. Featuring full-service camping, hunting and fishing departm...

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4-SEASON GIVE’R GLOVES.Backcountry magazine’s Best Gloves of 2018, these are the world’s most comfortable, versatile and durable waterproof, all-leather, insulated gloves; customizable with hand-branded initials. Made for the Give’r in us all.

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Designed and tested in the heart of the Tetons in Jackson Hole, Stio apparel is made for the epic and everyday. Visit our new store in Teton Village or the flagship location on the Town Square.

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Teton Mountaineering



Find all the hiking, camping, climbingand backcountry gear you need at Teton Mountaineering. Our full range of products and knowledgeable staff are a great resource for planning adventures in Jackson Hole. Located just one block off the Town Square.

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Packing List for Summertime in Jackson Hole (2024)


What to wear in Jackson Hole during summer? ›

Sneakers, cowboy boots, and sandals are all good depending on your activity for the day. You probably won't have much use for excessive jewelry or accessories in Jackson Hole. We do recommend bringing a backpack so you can carry your clothing layers with you.

What should I wear to dinner in Jackson Hole? ›

Celebrating your day with a night out on the town? Jackson Hole is a laid-back place. You can wear just about anything! We do however encourage women who must wear high heels to go with a chunkier heel.

Is Jackson Hole nice in summer? ›

Summer in the Tetons: verdant, emerald slopes, majestic world-famous mountains, active wildlife, abundant blooming wildflowers, and two national parks, there are few places that make for a better summer adventure than Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

How many days do you need in Jackson Hole in the summer? ›

Whether you love exploring the great outdoors, boutique shopping, or tasting unique flavors, there's so much to see and do here! We recommend spending at least five days in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. In order to make planning a little easier, we've compiled the best ways to spend the week here!

How do you stay warm in Jackson Hole? ›

Mid-layers provide the most warmth in the layering system. The mid-layer pieces are easy to take on and off depending on the temperature and level of activity. On warmer days wear just one mid-layer and on colder days wear multiple!

Where did the Kardashians stay in Jackson Hole? ›

Caldera House, a luxury hotel and alpine club located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, which boasts four two-bedroom suites and just as many four-bedrooms, plus a spa and two restaurants.

Is it better to stay in Jackson or Teton Village in the summer? ›

Both Jackson and Teton Village have a wide range of fine dining, entertainment, and adventure options to choose from. The main difference between Teton Village and Jackson are the crowds. The summer months tend to draw a larger crowd of people to the town Jackson, while Teton Village offers a much more relaxed pace.

What is the best month to go to Jackson Hole, Wyoming? ›

Fall Season: September-October

If so, fall is the best time to visit Jackson Hole. With average temperatures between 50 and 70, you can enjoy the outdoors in relative comfort. Whitewater rafting season extends into the fall, with many trips still possible well into October.

Does the Jackson Hole tram run in the summer? ›

The Aerial Tram is running daily 9am-5pm starting May 18, while the rest of our summer operations open June 15. Current snowlines are currently around 8,000', depending on aspect.

Is Jackson Hole expensive? ›

Jackson Hole residents often report a higher cost of living. With the current median price of $3.75 million, Jackson Hole is one of the most expensive places to live in Wyoming, and the cost of living in Jackson Hole is significantly higher than the national average.

Is Jackson Hole a walkable town? ›

If you like walking to shops, restaurants, and attractions, then staying in Jackson will put you at the heart of a walkable, historic western town.

Is Jackson Hole casual? ›

Jackson is a casual old west town, so there is no need for dressy clothes.

What do you wear to Disney in the summer? ›

If you're visiting Disney World this summer, what outfit should you wear to the theme parks? My go TOS are always lightweight and breathable clothing. For outfits, I love wearing skorts and tennis dresses. These feel really nice in the hot weather, but are also very lightweight that they can dry easily if it rains.

What is the attire for summer season? ›

Mostly stuff like shorts, tank tops, crop tops (girls mainly) flip flops, heels (open toe) and normal stuff like that. Light colours and light, breathable fabrics- think natural, such as silk and cotton. Loose styles are more comfortable in the heat, and sleeveless shirts are nicer, too.

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