Ford Powerstroke 7.3 For Sale Craigslist (2024)

1. central NJ for sale "ford 7.3 diesel" - craigslist

  • craigslist. For Sale "ford 7.3 diesel" in Central NJ. see also. 2000 Ford F350 SD Crew Cab DRW 4X4 Lariat LE 7.3 diesel 98k miles! $28,999.

  • central NJ for sale "ford 7.3 diesel" - craigslist

2. central NJ cars & trucks - by owner "ford f 250" - craigslist

  • ... NJ cars & trucks - by owner "ford f 250" - craigslist. ... Truck for Sale 1. •••••••. Truck for Sale. 5/23·113k ... 2001 F-250 Superduty 7.3 Turbo Diesel 1.

  • central NJ cars & trucks - by owner "ford f 250" - craigslist

3. 7.3 powerstroke for sale craigslist |

4. 1999 Ford F-250 XLT 7.3 diesel 4x4 one owner low miles & 1996 camper

  • Sep 11, 2020 · The truck is a 1999 Ford F250 super duty extended cab XLT 7.3 Power stroke turbo diesel. 4x4 runs and drives amazing only 112,000 miles. The ...

  • Someone grab this quick before it’s gone! I can assist tomorrow if needed. Text and photos for posterity (note intentionally left out contact phone number): Hello selling our Truck And Camper combo The...

1999 Ford F-250 XLT 7.3 diesel 4x4 one owner low miles & 1996 camper

5. 2024 Ford excursion 7.3 diesel for sale craigslist Limited see

6. 2024 7.3 powerstroke for sale craigslist Ford / -

  • 11 minutes ago · diesel miles starts stops rough frame includes floor wheel arches headlights taillights color match spray.

7. 2024 Ford excursion 7.3 diesel for sale craigslist mi in -

  • 6 hours ago · transmission excellent worth repairs motor transmission transfer documents receipts larger turbo larger intercooler installed replaced.

8. Craigslist: OH - 2003 ford e350 7.3 powerstroke turbo diesel

  • Sep 3, 2012 ·


Craigslist: OH - 2003 ford e350 7.3 powerstroke turbo diesel

9. craigslist trucks owner diesel inland empire classic

  • 6 hours ago · 2024 Ford excursion 7.3 diesel for sale craigslist Price Mileage:158,716, - · miles nationwidecraigslist · vehicles engines contact.

10. 2024 7.3 powerstroke for sale craigslist 2018 ... -

  • 6 hours ago · diesel minneapolis excursion limited power stroke diesel owner dakota scott looking craigslist owner you've right.

11. Ford 7.3 Diesel Van For Sale Craigslist -

  • 4x4 Cars: E350. 900+ Cool 4x4 vans ideas | 4x4 van, 4x4. Craigslist 4x4 Vans for Sale | .com. 4X4 VAN For Sale - ZeMotor. FORD POWERSTROKE DIESEL 7.3L FOR ...

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Ford 7.3 Diesel Van For Sale Craigslist -
Ford Powerstroke 7.3 For Sale Craigslist (2024)


What is the most common problem with the 7.3 Power Stroke? ›

An issue with the CPS is one of the most common problems on the 7.3 Powerstroke. On the Old Body Style, the tachometer will move while cranking if the CPS is good. If it doesn't move, then the CPS is the problem. Fortunately, a new CPS for the 7.3 Powerstroke is one of the more inexpensive diesel parts to replace.

What is the average life of a 7.3 Power Stroke? ›

Powerstroke Engine Average Life Expectancy:

7.3L400,000-500,000 miles. 6.0L200,000-300,000 miles. 6.7L200,000-300,000 miles. 6.4L150,000-200,000 miles.

What is the most reliable year of 7.3 Power Stroke? ›

After 2000, the 7.3 began experiencing a series of malfunctions that led to its replacement in 2003. So, if you're looking for a used 7.3L pickup or engine, your best bet is to stick with the years 1998-2000.

How many miles is a lot for a 7.3 Power Stroke? ›

the most i have even HEARD of out of a 7.3L is a 1,000,000 miles (that is not a typo). i would expect in the 500k range without much effort. my buddys dad had a old 7.3 the one before the powerstroke that went through 4 bodies but surpassed 1.1 million miles.

What 7.3 Power Stroke to avoid? ›

If you plan on modifying your Power Stroke or are purchasing a modified version, we recommend staying away from the PMRs. 2001-2003 models were also prone to issues with the exhaust, as well as high engine noise related to the split-shot injectors.

What Power Stroke to avoid? ›

Even though all years of the 6.4 Powerstroke were problematic, the main year to avoid was 2008, which was the first year it came out. The 2008 model was plagued with problems that mainly involved the emissions systems, which were frustrating and costly to fix.

What is high mileage for a Power Stroke? ›

Like with the Duramax and Cummins engines, these engines can often last up to 500,000 miles. However, anything over 350,000 miles is usually considered high mileage for a Powerstroke engine. As with all trucks, regular maintenance is key to getting the most miles out of your engine.

What is the most HP you can get out of a 7.3 Power Stroke? ›

On average, a 7.3 Powerstroke engine can deliver about 275 HP, but with modifications, it could reach 300–500 HP!

What year does the 7.3 Power Stroke have forged rods? ›

Forged-Steel Rods

Without a doubt, the forged-steel 7.3L rod is the one you want if you plan to make considerable power with your '94.5-'03 Ford. The general consensus on forged rods is that 600-rwhp (roughly 1,100 lb-ft) is obtainable and survivable, so long as it's made with sound aftermarket tuning.

What is the most powerful 7.3 Power Stroke? ›

With the aforementioned 15mm P-pump and the 4.4-inch turbo bolted in place, the engine belted out 2,180 hp (at 4,600 rpm) and 2,821 lb-ft of torque. As far as publicly release numbers are concerned, this makes their engine the most powerful 7.3L on record.

What year was the 7.3 discontinued? ›

The 7.3 L (444 cu in) Power Stroke was replaced by the 6.0 L (365 cu in) beginning in the second quarter of the 2003 model year.

What are the most common problems of a 7.3 power stroke? ›

Common 7.3 Power Stroke Diesel Problems
  • Injection Pressure Regulator Valve (IPR)
  • Injector Driver Module (IDM)
  • Cam Position Sensor (CMP)
  • UVCH Connectors.
  • Fuel Filter Clogging.
  • Lift Pump.
  • Injector Control Pressure (ICP) Sensor.
  • Fuel Heater.

How many quarts of oil does a 7.3 powerstroke use? ›

Some important stats for 7.3 fluid capacity include: Engine oil: 15 quarts. Transfer case: 2.0 quarts. Coolant: 32.75 quarts.

How many miles between oil changes on a 7.3 diesel? ›

5,000 miles

What fails on a 7.3 injector? ›

The most common failure we see is when oil residue builds up inside the of the injector and causes the spool valve to move slowly or stick which is known as stiction. In the early stages, the symptoms typically go away once the engine warms up.

How to tell if 7.3 pcm is bad? ›

When the PCM is not working correctly, the most common symptom is a lack of engine power, and the Check Engine Light illuminates on your dashboard. However, you may also notice poor fuel economy, increased emissions, and shifting problems.

What was the worst Power Stroke? ›

While the second and third-generation 6.7-liter Power Stroke engines are considered to be the best, the first generation — model years 2011 to 2014 — is widely regarded as the worst. That's due primarily to a series of issues that plagued several of the motor's accessories.

How do I know if my 7.3 turbo is bad? ›

Strange noise: A failing turbo may produce loud whining, siren-like noise that increases as the problem worsens. If you experience this with your Ford, it is best to get your vehicle inspected by professional mechanics for diagnosis and repair.

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