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Crescent Moon Goddess

For those of you who donít know me, I am formerly, Bonnie Marchione formerly Bonnie Thompson of Crescent MoonGoddess, a well-known Witch shop in Hicksville, Long Island New York, which has been in business for over 20 years.
I have been studying all forms of Paganism and have been a practicing Witch for the past 20 years. I am a 3* High Priestess in the British Alexandrian tradition of Wicca. I was initiated into the Coven Of Akhelarre, which belongs Gypsy and Richard Ravish, Salem Massachusetts two most respected Witches. They own two Witch stores in Salem. In addition to their own coven, they also run the Temple Of The Nine Wells, Salemís only public Wiccan congregation, which is well known across the nation. Gypsy is a well-known favorite singer/songwriter in the Pagan Community.

I run many circles and groups as well as a BTW Alexandrian Coven and an outer court-training group, which trains and teaches suitable candidates for dedication and initiation into the priest and priestess hood into a highly respectable lineage family. The Coven of Crescent MoonGoddess outer court training group is Chartered by the Coven of Akhelarre Salem MA and is backed and supported by the Coven of Akhelarre Salem MA and the Order of Epona Kent England.. I am honored and thankful to call Gypsy and Richard my Elders, friends, family and my dear loved ones & blessed to have a daughter coven to their Alexandrian Coven of Akhelarre. Crescent Moon Goddess is a highly respectable company, which has been in business for over 20 years and specializes in bringing the community together! We serve Pagan communities nation Wide. We host many Pagan events. Our events are for families, adults and children! Classy ongoing events consist of excursions to Salem MA, concerts, outings, workshops, study groups, Sacred Circles, Woman's Sabbat Circles, barbeques, CD/Book Signings, and many other upcoming special events with other Witches of status from around the world.

Be sure to check out our special events page to see more of our exciting events & to find out when our next Excursion to Salem will be as the date is currently in the works. We offer these events to the community with love in our hearts in honor of the Goddess. Great Rites is owned and operated by a (BTW) British Traditional Alexandrian High Priestess and Witch a Third degree initiate in the Coven of Akhelarre, Salem MA, and is run in honor of the Old Ways based off of proper morals and family values.

With Love, Light and Magic, Blessed Be! Bonnie Marchione

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