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To all our loyal friends and patrons:

Having had the pleasure over the last 20 years of helping others find tools they need for growth, as well as enjoying the company of others with similar goals, we at Crescent Moon Goddess would like to express our deepest gratitude and our heartfelt wishes for your future joy and harmony in all your endeavors. After painful, and yet fulfilling, consideration, we have chosen to follow new paths for ourselves within our community. We have thus decided to close down to restructure, rethink and/or rebuild with a new vision. Happy yet sad as we pass from this 20 year labor of love on from one road to another knowing that our friends can and will continue on their own.

If you wish to be informed & included, when the much needed restructuring is completed, please send your email contact information. It will not be shared or distributed but kept safe for future communication.

 Thank you so much for everything. With all our love, we wish you farewell. Blessed Be.

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